Book Forthcoming (February 2019)

The research-based book titled ‘Internal Displacement and Conflict: The Kashmiri Pandits in Comparative Perspective’ is scheduled for publication next month, by Routledge, U.K.
The book issues a call for action for the international community, national policymakers, as well as members of civil society of relevant communities. The book opens a platform for public debate, where issues of the labeling/categorization of those in protracted displacement, moral and political dilemma of return and the challenges of not only those displaced but the challenges of the policymakers themselves can be discussed and debated. The book unfolds the impact of positions and the outcome of IDP policies.


    • Rekha on January 18, 2019 at 6:04 pm
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    Looking forward to reading more of your views on the subject Dr Sudha

    1. Hello Rekha,
      Thank you. The book will unfold ground-breaking research into internal displacement, a less-understood and often misunderstood issue.
      Sudha Rajput

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