Displaced Kashmiri Pandits lose faith in democratic process

In just one day, I have come across two separate accounts of displaced KPs expressing their frustrations with the democratic process. One of those accounts is analyzed and summarized here:

Zulfikar Majid of Jammu, of the Decan Herald, captured in the article:
Parties betrayed us, say Kashmir Pandits

    The frustration stems from the decision of Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP, a party relatively more favored by the displaced KPs) resulting in the legislators opposing the “Temple and Shrines Bill”, which would hold the J&K government responsible for managing, protecting and administering the Hindu shrines/icons and religious places in the Kashmir Valley. This decision has left the KP feeling “betrayed by every political party in the state”.
    Kashmiri Pandit Conference, a KP outfit, commented “we are in a fix on whom to vote”.

    I am summarizing the Sentiments of KPs:

    1) KPs are feeling “exploited” by both the National Conference (NC) and Congress.
    2) “The stand of BJP (on the bill) has disgusted KPs”.
    3) “We sacrificed our homeland for the nation”.
    4) “All political parties, be it separatists or mainstreams have ganged up against us”.
    5) Sanjay Pandita, a local journalist opines that the major reason for KPs to stay away from elections is they feel they have no representation in the state government.

    Sudha Rajput

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