World Refugee Day – some thougths

World Refugee Day: June 20, 2019
This day should be of concern to all of us, as it is a reminder that the issue of refugees, stateless people, asylum seekers and those who remain internally displaced within their countries continue to pose survival challenges for almost 70 million people of our world.
Regardless of the circumstances responsible for the displacement of people, and the opportunities afforded to them while in displacement, returning home remains the key aspiration for most of those displaced.
Integration into host societies, while a humane goal, remains far from satisfactory for the displaced. Once displaced, all dimensions of a human being; mental, physical, social, economic, political and legal become distorted. The once lost identity, on the day of displacement, can only be regained by returning home.
On this World Refugee Day, let’s hope that more effort can be extended to the issue of return than to the making of more refugee camps, collective centers, settlements, shelters, and migrant townships.
My recently published book: Internal Displacement and Conflict: The Kashmiri Pandits in Comparative Perspective elaborates on the meaning of return for those displaced from Kashmir Valley, Nagorno-Karabakh, South Ossetia, Kosovo and Darfur.
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