My Course – Refugee/IDP Issue Analysis

Course: ‘Refugee and IDP Issue Analysis
Dr. Sudha Rajput
School for Conflict Analysis & Resolution, George Mason University.

I am excited to share, with you, my students’ feedback on the intensive 3-day seminar that I had designed & delivered, entitled ‘Refugee and IDP Issue Analysis’. This was based on my research of internally displaced communities from the Kashmir Valley.

Within 3 days: the students analyzed 4 case studies, reviewed 20+ articles, posted 3 blogs, analyzed 2 U.N. Videos, engaged in active class discussions on current crisis in Syria, Burma, S. Sudan.
Course Goal: empower students with a robust diagnostic model to undertake analysis of conflict-induced internally displaced communities around the globe.

Student Feedback.

(1) “This class exceeded my expectations. Unbelievably, in three days, we covered a tremendous amount of ground. You are an energetic professor and clearly very passionate about your area of expertise. This course should be adopted by the school and adapted to a 3-credit course” (Brad Davis, US Army).

(2) “This was the best course I have attended so far. Your use of relevant and live examples did not only impart knowledge but also increased my interest in the course. I am glad I chose the course and I think I will do my Dissertation in it. Thank you very much for the knowledge you gave me. You are sure an expert in refugee and IDP issues. You have interested me in the subject” (Aloysius Naris., State Dept).

(3) “I would like to thank you, Dr. Rajput for a very informative and enlightening course. Honestly, I didn’t expect that I would find a course about IDPs and Refugees appealing. I don’t know how in three days you increased our knowledge about the dynamics, positions, and policies about this important issue. Please add me to your email list so that I can attend any lecture you might give or any other avenue” (Aleia Hanan, S-CAR).

(4) “The instructor, Professor Rajput, was incredibly well-informed on IDP and
Refugee issues and had conducted relevant field studies to share with the class, making
the concepts and frameworks the course is based on tangible to the students. The classes
were well organized, informative, and connected to real life examples” (Ann Rohrhoff).

(5) “Professor Rajput’s personal research on IDPs and refugees gives her the authority to inform or educate us on the issues. She brings a remarkable insight. The class is interesting and interactive because she creates an active environment and allows those with first-hand experiences to not only react on her comments but bring their knowledge and analysis on the class materials” (Claudine Kuradusenge, S-CAR).

(6) “The course was fantastic; the course taught me the proper research methodology and diagnostic tools. An overall stimulating course while only three days profoundly opened my eyes on this important issue that I would recommend all SCAR students to enroll in this course. Professor Rajput, was an amazing instructor for the simple fact that she was responsive to our needs” (Adnan Hurreh).

(7) “It was helpful to have a professor who had recently returned from the field that could share her experiences. I was able to better grasp the concepts and understand the nuances of refugee and IDP issues through the Professor’s experiences” (Ashton Callahan).

(8) “This course was eye opening and reaffirmed the career path I would like to take. What I liked most about Professor Rajput was her knack to explain such a thorny, complicated issue in such simplified ways. She created a welcoming community in the classroom where all questions were welcomed at any time. What also helped was hearing her on-the-field stories; she is one of the few professors I have encountered that can explain the material and share personal stories and tie it all together (she can paint the whole picture). It helps tremendously when real life stories from the instructor’s perspective are brought into the classroom” (Nida Ansari).

(9) “I definitely have a foundation now for future study. It was especially beneficial for me how Professor Rajput gave examples from her own research and methodology to explain how to apply the models and frameworks we studied; working with such a complex issue, her input made the possibility of finding solutions seem tangible” (Kaitlyn Stovall).

(10) “I think I really learned a lot of applicable skills and knowledge to round out my time at S-CAR. It was clear that Professor Rajput was extremely knowledgeable on the class topic. I think her anecdotes and fieldwork experience provided dynamic and useful context for the class as we explored the topics during our class sessions” (Hillary Bullis, State Department).

(11) “This class is amazing. Thank you for all the valuable time you invested in your research. It has been a rewarding start to the school year just learning so much from you” (Joseph Yarsiah, State Department).

(12) “Dr. Rajput has done the field of conflict analysis and resolution a big favor by exposing the issue of refugees and IDPs issues and concern through her valuable research in Asia. I think she did a very thorough investigation of the issues of refugees and IDPs in Kashmir and reflected that in a very entertaining, challenging, yet encouraging way for us students. She also share lights on being a good researcher and what it took to get the job done. She is very knowledgeable on the subject and was able to cover a lot in three classes. It felt like an entire semester worth of information. She is passionate about her work and very proud of her research. As a former refugee myself, I felt proud listening to a lecturer who brought so much light and attention to this issue” (Joseph Yarsiah, State Department).

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