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Dr. Sudha G. Rajput lives in Washington, D.C. A retired World Bank staffer, she received her doctoral degree from the School for Conflict Analysis & Resolution, for dissertation ‘Displacement of the Kashmiri Pandits: Dynamics of Policies and Perspectives of Policymakers, Host Communities and the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs)‘. As the study of IDPs remains a less examined phenomenon, than the study of refugees , Dr. Rajput dedicated her research to the crucial task of investigating this phenomenon holistically, examining it from the perspectives of policymakers, host communities as well as those displaced.
This blog is her platform to introduce her students and readers to the challenges of IDP policy making as well as the issues of IDPs displaced around the world. Here you will find emerging stories of conflict-induced displacement, reflecting policy framework, issues and new thinking on the topic. Her course ‘Refugee and IDP Issue Analysis’ at George Mason University exposes her students to myriad issues of both categories of displaced persons and introduces them to an appropriate research methodology to investigate these communities.

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