Update on Syria’s IDPs

Syria’s IDP update:
Oct 31, 2013
Specifically referring to “dire” conditions in Homs, UNHCR reports that conditions of the IDP camps, generally within Syria are devastating. Per the agency it is providing for about 75,000 people with their daily subsistence. However, as my research shows in the context of IDP camps for the Kashmiri Pandits within Delhi and Jammu, there are difficulties of locating these camps, being located away from the mainstream. In Syria’s case, the camps have been built away from the conflict areas to provide greater security to the people. The agency’s effort is helping the families meet their “most basic needs, preserve their dignity and prevent health problems”. Per the report, the agency strives to provide for “3 million” IDPs of the Syrian conflict, in addition to its support for “more than 2 million Syrian refugees” who have fled to neighboring countries. The plan is in place to provide “200 housing units in rural Damascus”.
It is gratifying to see the UNHCR initiative in Syria’s case.

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